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Yurana Homes – reno


Yurana Homes

This reno was motivated when something broke. The site was done some years back and has for the main been very trouble free. Anyway in reviewing things, it became clear that there was a need to revisit the site from a technical point of view, especially for mobile devices. There has been a little bit of content review. The site continues to serve well, and it is great to support a group that quietly do a very valuable service in the community.

Yurana Homes is a great example of how good human beings can be. They offer free holidays to families where there are children with cancer or other serious diseases. It is important that the children see the emphasis on the holiday component, rather than the free element.

The new site is fresh, bright and alive, and the ladies (volunteers) have done a great job of keeping it up to date and adding new content. People like this make the world a better place.