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The Anglican Parish of Hamilton

The Anglican parish of Hamilton, Diocese of Ballarat When I was rung about a website by the new Rector ... read_on

Alison Lakes

Alison Lakes Alison's Book is called Spirit Told Me and Synchronicity Led the Way. It has been a great help to ... read_on

Slow Food Australia

Slow Food Australia Slow Food Australia are all about Good, Clean and Fair Food for all. As members of the ... read_on

All Nice and Tidy

All Nice and Tidy This is for a start up business mowing lawns and basic garden maintenance in Belmont ... read_on

Yurana Homes – reno

Yurana Homes This reno was motivated when something broke. The site was done some years back and has for ... read_on

Hop Skip – reno

Hop Skip 'N' a Dump is a great little business on the South Coast. The original site was a ... read_on

Stockton – reno

Stockton Anglican was built during the interregnum and the New Rector is setting some directions, and wanted the sight ... read_on

Moving to Stillness – reno

Minor Reno There were a few issues addressed in the minor reno. Increased the width of the site to ... read_on


Life Chef

Life Chef There has been an adjustment in the direction of the Life Chef enterprise, moving from a more ... read_on

ollie7.com.au – reno

Reno On the one hand fashions change, technology changes, tastes change and life moves on. Much of the site ... read_on

Cardiff Anglican

This is a renno! It’s a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their ... read_on

St James King Street Music Foundation

St James’ King Street Music Foundation

St James’ King Street is an iconic Church in Sydney, The oldest still working Church in the City of ... read_on