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Theatre on Brunker

Theatre On Brunker

Theatre On BrunkerTheatre on Brunker is a very exciting part of the Parish of S Stephens Adamstown, and has very solid roots in the community and has developed an identity of its own. It makes perfect sense for this part of the Parish life to have it’s own separate identity.

The design criteria is very straightforward and clearly the primary focus os for people to find it, and find the shows and dates coming up and the appropriate contact information so they can book tickets and the like.

In keeping with the arts and drama theme the strk use of the theatre mask provides clear and comfortable identifier as a dramatic venture.

The menu has a link to the Parish Website and the Parish Website has a menu link to the theatre website. The two sites share the same wordpress hosting account, and indeed the same install of wordpress (using multi site) yet the two websites are notably different to each other.