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St Peters Swansea

St Peters Swansea is the local Anglican Church and a great community of faith, committed to the Swansea and surrounding area. The Bishop suggested that they needed a website (they had not had one previously) and so they came to me to help put this in place for them.

There were well organised and produced information and content well for the site, and it was a matter of finding a structure that allowed that to show. There are a lot of things I am very happy with about the site, and I am especially pleased with the way they have gone about updating it and keeping it up to date.

There are still a few things that need to be done to the site, however it is certainly working for them and I believe will serve them well, well into the future.

The interesting thing about a parish Church website (I have done 4 so far) is the balance between putting your best foot forward, and yet retaining a genuine authenticity of spirit.

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