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S Stephens Adamstown

s stephens

s stephensS Stephens Adamstown is an Anglican parish in the Diocese of Newcastle and has a very strong catholic tradition of worship. In terms of putting their best foot forward for the web they where very keen that the site should express something of the richness of the tradition of faith in which they live and proclaim.

As the project developed it became very clear that they have a lot to say and express, and that the website needed to embrace much of the message and what they really are about. It seems that the life of prayer is an essential part of their experience, so there is a component in the menu committed to prayer on its own and resources for that. The Station of The Cross are the nave windows in the Church and we developed a Stations of the Cross meditation around these windows as an online meditation.

There is quite a bit to say about the sacraments which are central to their expression of the Christian life and a strong component of n the word and various theological and teaching materials. Each Anglican Parish is different and has its own character and as I have now done of few of the websites for them I can say that they are all different.