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philip barrington net au

philip barrington net auThis site has been dragged through the rack a few times. It was my first adventure in hosted WordPress, and I used it for a lot of learning. It has been themed and re-themed many times and has been good for me. As I wandered more fully into web design I had to take a few things off it, and focus it a bot more as a business website. I have moved most of my personal ranting to a free WordPress.com blog, where all I have to do is log in and type.

I have probably not done much on this site for a while as I have been working in background on the multi site network, and PhilipBarrington.net.au is a stand alone site and not on a network as such. I have recently cut a new theme for it, which looks a lot like the old one but has a little more functionality.

When I first ventured into this site there was a mood that said that this would be a bit of a play thing however as time has gone by and the technology moved forward, WordPress has become a quite credible alternative, and nothing like a second class citizen.

I guess I always wanted PhilipBarrington.com.au and it was not available for a long time. So I got hold of .net.au and went with that. PhilipBarrington.com.au became years later when I was wanting a domain for something I was testing, so I grabbed it. In 2013 I decided to move it to BleHost and make it my primary WordPress domain. I still own .net.au and will no doubt do something with it when I need something.