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Lakes AnglicanLakes Anglican is a parish Church on the Northern Central Coast.

They had an older website that had fallen into some disrepair and needed a major make over. They did some excellent work in identifying the content that they needed on their site and created a wordpress.com site. Some functionality that is good for a parisgh Church is just not available on wordpress.com so they made the decision to move to a hosted website for their own edition of wordpress.

This let us generate a theme based around the parish, and make extensive use of post categories and a Calendar module. As a vibrant and busy parish they will no doubt want to do more with the website over time, and have a good foundation to build on. The work done in organising what they really wanted on the site made this task a whole lot easier.

Philip Barrington

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    0412 418 600
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    43 Macquarie Grove

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    BSB: 637-000
    AccNo: 7177-24321

    02 4915 6627