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This site is a classic use of WordPress, who offer a free hosted WordPress service. I was so supper angry when I discovered an employer had not been paying the super contributions into the Super Fund, including a significant amount that represented salary sacrifice. I found it very difficult to get advice on the subject, and ultimately very difficult to pursue.

Ultimately I channelled some of the anger into a controlled space in order that other might be able to find some information on the subject which might help them along the way as well. I know that numbers of people have told me how much they have been helped, and just knowing some of the options.

Unfortunately there is far too much unpaid super, and the problem is that as an employee you have to assume that nobody is watching, so you have to make sure that the employer knows that somebody is watching. It is nothing overly clever from a WordPress point of view. Currently the site is using academia which is a free standard theme, and a free hosted account on WordPress.com.