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About Me

pbHi, I’m Philip Barrington and this is my website and my business. I am keen about web technologies, though I do not consider myself a geek. The technology has to work for people, It needs to make sense and it needs to serve a purpose.

When I started this business I decided to use my own name, I am a little tired of endless business names often trying to appear bigger than who are are or resorting to some kind of anonymity. I am who I am. Sometimes the challenge is in deal with the gatekeeper on the phone who wants to know where you are from.

The business focuses on Small Businesses (which includes organisations and parish churches) and aims to provide accessible web technology for them with the need to be be so expensive any benefit they derive is obliterated by the cost or the ongoing cost.

Naturally websites is not the only thing I do. I am married to Susan (who hates the web) and we live in Caves Beach. I have been involved with accounting software for the past 15 years and I have a degree in Business Studies with a major in accounting. I write crystal reports and have had quite a bit to do with Sybiz Vision and Advanced Business Manager.

I feel the balance between the hard analytics of the accounting world, and the softer more creative sense of web design, is a dynamic and a balance that I find fulfilling.

I also enjoy photography and social/political commentary.