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How Much is a Website

How Much does a website cost? Well that is in interesting question. How much does the shopping cost? Well it depends on what you buy, and of course how much you buy. Websites are pretty much the same. It depends on how much you want to put in, how much you want out, what functionality you want/need/desire, who does the artwork. There are websites that cost millions, and the are websites that cost hundreds, and anything in between.

There are in fact three costs.

There is the cost of the Domain Name, and that will depend on a range of issues as to what you want, what is available, and  in which domain registry you want to function. Typically domain names will cost between $3 and $50 per year, typically .com.au domains registered through Crazy Domains will cost $24 for two years which is the minimum term for .com.au namespaces.

There is the cost of Hosting the website, and again there are a variety of costs. If you book a site through Crazy Domains then you will find hosting will be $54 per year. If you ask me to host the website the charge will be $80 per year (I use an american server geared to serving WordPress sites with a couple of security add ons. There are thousand of webhosts and speed and performance and costs all vary and not always logically. Read about Hosting

There is the cost of Design, Development and Implementation, and this will typically be a one off cost with will be based on the level of time I expect to have to invest in the development of the site. $1250 to $2500 would be a general range for this cost, however we will need to discuss what you need first before we firm up any expectations of cost.