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Wordpress Web Design

Part of my business is WordPress Web Design. I work  with clients. Together we develop a WordPress Web Design. I want to help clients promote the business or organisation. To attract visitors to the site. My services include design, set up, training and hosting. The initial SEO is part of the deal.  

wordpress web design


superior saws

Superior Saws

Superior Saws had booked their domain name years ago and done nothing with it for many years, and then the time came and they asked me to go ahead with a new website for them. On balance I elected to execute the project with WordPress and this has worked for them. At some stage I […]



CBTech – Complete Business Technologies have had a number of websites over time, and most recently they have been using a DNN site. They came to the conclusion that they wanted there web presence to be more direct and more straightforward and so asked me to develop the site in WordPress. Initially to replicate the […]

Black Swan Theology

Black Swan Theology

Black Swan Theology is a WordPress Blog in the classic sense. It is hosted on WordPress.com and articles are posted, and people on the web sometimes visit and occasionally pass comment The theme being used at the time of writing is the very standard theme twenty-eleven and as such is a good example of the origins of […]


Bankstown Trotting Rec Club

Bankstown Trotting Recreational Club is a Fabulous social and community based Club. They had a website which was a little dated and was proving costly to maintain and was not quite doing it for them. The new website is much more contemporary and they have been able to do most of the updating themselves and […]


Ethnic Media 360

Ethnic Media 360 came to me as a start-up, though they have clearly been very successful. They are a media company that this is a very active website, with several contributors from different places geographically, and lots of new information being posted on a very regular basis. They came with some very fixed ideas on […]

philip barrington net au

Philip Barrington net au

This site has been dragged through the rack a few times. It was my first adventure in hosted WordPress, and I used it for a lot of learning. It has been themed and re-themed many times and has been good for me. As I wandered more fully into web design I had to take a […]

White Heather

White Heather

White Heather Highland Supplies is a great Newcastle based business. Coming out of Alec Dobson and McEwan Master Printers, they developed a specialist business line, under the name Celtic Stationery and this business has grown and diversified to include scottish clothing, kilts, band regalia  and bagpipe band Instruments and supplies. They bought the successful business of white […]

David Beahan Computer Services

David Beahan Computer Services

David Beahan Computer Services is a software supply and service company, offering custom written solutions. This site replaces a static html site that had got hacked and infected. The brief was brief and the object was to get a simple to maintain site with security. As a programmer they found the idea of a MSSQL […]

Cardiff Anglican

Cardiff Anglican

When the Anglican Parish of Cardiff got their new Rector, Canon Katherine Bowyer, it was clear that they were going to have a website. They have also developed a Facebook page and the Facebook page and the website interconnect. FB links back tot eh website, can be liked from the website, and the website shows […]

All Saints Belmont

All Saints Belmont

All Saints Belmont was my first parish website. As a member of the parish I felt a strong connection to what the site was about and I understood a lot of what it was about. The priest gave me a relatively free hand, though he was a self-confessed ‘neat freak’. We used Dot Net Nuke […]


Moving to Stillness – reno

Minor Reno There were a few issues addressed in the minor reno. Increased the width of the site to adjust for more contemporary devices. Improvements to some of the responsive issues. Magazine format for displaying reflections. The site still features the photographic work of the author and the book, which I have looked at again […]



Ollie7 is a clean lines site for a professional photographer. This is the second site layout following a makeover. The first brief was about 6o pages, and the second was, I think, 2 Pages. The predominant aim in the current site was to generate a site with very clean lines, and a contemporary edge. Of […]


Stockton Anglican

The Stockton Anglican site replaces an earlier html sit that had lost its way and become difficult to maintain and update. The site has taken some time to develop, largely governed by external issues, however the basics are now in place and the site will grow and develop and take shape as the parish begins […]

ABM Reports

ABM Reports

Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is a great accounting solution in the mid market and I have been a very keen supporter of the product for some time. I do write crystal reports for the program on a regular basis and enjoy report writing as an alternative, still creative, and little more analytical. The ABM reports […]

pgb net

pgb net au

PGB.net.au is the base site of the WordPress multi-site installation. The site is built on WordPress. Plugins and themes used on this site include a wiki lite plugin and a theme generated in Artisteer with the add-ins for the Templateer. I find I often use this site to test and explore things, so you my […]

wordpress web design

Website Information Document

The Download Button is a brief for your website. It sets out some of the basics you need.

wordpress web design.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress web DesignWordPress Web Design is powerful. It can  help a small business make a big impact. WordPress is a popular tool. It began as a blog writer. It came to define blogging. WordPress has now grown to become the Content Management System CMS of choice.

WordPress Web Design offers many advantages. There is a strong user base. There are more than 75 million live WordPress sites. There is a strong developer community for WordPress. There are many add-on modules, called plug-ins. This provides more functionality as required. WordPress sites do not all look the same.

Some sites seem to imitate WordPress Web Design look and feel. It was fashionable to bag WordPress as only for blogs. Those days are past. It is the most used CMS on the web. People now proudly tell you that their site is a WordPress site. I am often ask for a new site using a WordPress Web Design.

WordPress Web Design.


Domain Registration and Hosting

A website  needs a registered domain name. It also needs a hosting company account. This lets you to deliver the information to the web quickly. It is possible to do this from your own computer. Your bandwidth is unlikely to match professional hosting. Web hosting is not very expensive. I have a reseller account with BlueHost. They are leading WordPress host. This allows me to manage and set up the account for you. BlueHost is US based, and speed and value made them a good choice. The WebServer that Blue Host provides has been tuned to serve WordPress. If you need Australian Hosting this can be arranged, however it may be slower and/or dearer. Speed is a significant consideration. Search engines bias towards fast websites.

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