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Wordpress Web Design

Part of my business is WordPress Web Design. I work  with clients. Together we develop a WordPress Web Design. I want to help clients promote the business or organisation. To attract visitors to the site. My services include design, set up, training and hosting. The initial SEO is part of the deal.  

wordpress web design


Belmont Anglican

Belmont Anglican

All Saints Belmont was my first parish website. As a member of the parish I feel a strong connection to what the site is about and I understood a lot of we are about. Belmont Anglican is a re-write of the old DNN site into WordPress with some fresh content, and some new ways of doing thing. […]


Dobson McEwan

One of the big reasons why Dobson McEwan Master Printers came to me was because they had had an effective site but felt they wanted to up the ante a bit, and seriously start logging and some interface with social media sites. As creative people they had a number of givens, and also a level […]

Advanced Drug Solutions

Advanced Drug Solutions

Advanced Drug Solutions are a great outfit who provide Drug and Alcohol Testing and related OH&S training for the Mines and State Rail and a number of other clients. They had an existing static html site which had been professional in its day, but was not longer cutting the mustard for them. We debated technology […]



One Page Literary Magazine is a startup with a concept providing a vehicle for the short story/article writer to be published, and to be a place where busy people who don’t have time to read War and Peace but still value the input of authors and artists, will find short pieces to allow them to […]

David Beahan Computer Services

David Beahan Computer Services

David Beahan Computer Services is a software supply and service company, offering custom written solutions. This site replaces a static html site that had got hacked and infected. The brief was brief and the object was to get a simple to maintain site with security. As a programmer they found the idea of a MSSQL […]


Moving to Stillness – reno

Minor Reno There were a few issues addressed in the minor reno. Increased the width of the site to adjust for more contemporary devices. Improvements to some of the responsive issues. Magazine format for displaying reflections. The site still features the photographic work of the author and the book, which I have looked at again […]

Anglican Women

Anglican Women

The Anglican Women Newcastle site is a re-write of a site developed by a friend of mine with works with Drupal. The dilemma with the Drupal site was that it was more complex to keep up to date, and as the person who updates it, was also updating a wordpress site it seemed a good […]

s stephens

S Stephens Adamstown

S Stephens Adamstown is an Anglican parish in the Diocese of Newcastle and has a very strong catholic tradition of worship. In terms of putting their best foot forward for the web they where very keen that the site should express something of the richness of the tradition of faith in which they live and […]

aussie super

Aussie Super

This site is a classic use of WordPress, who offer a free hosted WordPress service. I was so supper angry when I discovered an employer had not been paying the super contributions into the Super Fund, including a significant amount that represented salary sacrifice. I found it very difficult to get advice on the subject, and ultimately […]

The Bean Machine

The Bean Machine

This website was created for a start-up mobile coffee business. The site quite possibly reflects some of how I was designing at the time, and the site has continued to function as a part of the business marketing profile. One of the features of the site is the embedded you-tube video, This is great for […]

Lakes Anglican

Lakes Anglican

Lakes Anglican is a parish Church on the Northern Central Coast. They had an older website that had fallen into some disrepair and needed a major make over. They did some excellent work in identifying the content that they needed on their site and created a wordpress.com site. Some functionality that is good for a parisgh Church is just […]


Slow Food Australia

Slow Food Australia Slow Food Australia are all about Good, Clean and Fair Food for all. As members of the global grassroots Slow Food network, we believe we can all play a part in fixing our broken food system and help protect our food biodiversity. By understanding where our food comes from, how and by whom […]


HSE Quality

HSE Quality came to me as a startup wanting to place some basic information on the web to introduce their business to a waiting world. Clealry a good business with the appropriate skill set and a lot to offer, and right on target for the current climate. One of the challenges hey face is standing out in […]


Cardiff Anglican

This is a renno! It’s a few years since we last addressed the Cardiff site, fairly soon after their new Rector was inducted. Now that the parish has got a new rhythm when Canon Katherine asked me about a few changes, it seemed to me it was time to suggest a reno. The reno happened […]


Stockton – reno

Stockton Anglican was built during the interregnum and the New Rector is setting some directions, and wanted the sight to reflect the new Diocesan Branding.  Along with that they are now running a facebook page, and the was the matter of some modifications to ensure better performance on a mobile phone. After some initial reservations […]

wordpress web design

Website Information Document

The Download Button is a brief for your website. It sets out some of the basics you need.

wordpress web design.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress web DesignWordPress Web Design is powerful. It can  help a small business make a big impact. WordPress is a popular tool. It began as a blog writer. It came to define blogging. WordPress has now grown to become the Content Management System CMS of choice.

WordPress Web Design offers many advantages. There is a strong user base. There are more than 75 million live WordPress sites. There is a strong developer community for WordPress. There are many add-on modules, called plug-ins. This provides more functionality as required. WordPress sites do not all look the same.

Some sites seem to imitate WordPress Web Design look and feel. It was fashionable to bag WordPress as only for blogs. Those days are past. It is the most used CMS on the web. People now proudly tell you that their site is a WordPress site. I am often ask for a new site using a WordPress Web Design.

WordPress Web Design.


Domain Registration and Hosting

A website  needs a registered domain name. It also needs a hosting company account. This lets you to deliver the information to the web quickly. It is possible to do this from your own computer. Your bandwidth is unlikely to match professional hosting. Web hosting is not very expensive. I have a reseller account with BlueHost. They are leading WordPress host. This allows me to manage and set up the account for you. BlueHost is US based, and speed and value made them a good choice. The WebServer that Blue Host provides has been tuned to serve WordPress. If you need Australian Hosting this can be arranged, however it may be slower and/or dearer. Speed is a significant consideration. Search engines bias towards fast websites.

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